Lounge Bar & Restaurant

All day Café and Restaurant

at Duotone Pro Center Sicily

At SEVEN, we blend Mediterranean with Sicilian cuisine, utilizing local produce and following traditional recipes and techniques from our grandmothers. By supporting local producers and farmers, we ensure a supply of fresh fish, meat, summer vegetables, and fruits, providing a unique dining experience.

Both surfers and non-surfers will find our culinary offerings intriguing. Vegetarians, vegans, and those on lactose or gluten-free diets will find quality options on our buffet or à la carte menu, especially with prior notice. Special attention is also given to catering to our younger guests, ensuring their meals meet their nutritional, energy, and taste requirements.

The beating heart of the center

Chill out area, meeting place & work zone

Our restaurant is more than just a public space and an all-day café-restaurant. It's where your day begins and ends, where stories are shared, new acquaintances made, breaks enjoyed, and work accomplished. It's the perfect spot for a lovely dinner, or simply to relax with an iced coffee or refreshing drink while soaking in the view. It is the beating, social heart of our school.


Spanning over 3,600 m² of lush greenery and offering the best views of the Lo Stagnone lagoon, it's the ideal place to unwind at any time. Boasting the fastest WIFI connection on the island, it supports both relaxation and productivity. After a day of surfing and learning new skills, it's crucial to replenish your energy properly.

Fuel your energy

Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner options

To fuel and refuel for your next session, our breakfast buffet awaits you every morning to kickstart your day. Enjoy coffee, fresh juices, cereals, omelets, bacon and sausages, local cheeses, pancakes, freshly chopped fruit salad, goods from a local bakery, honey and jam from a nearby village, and many more original flavors.


At noon and in the evening, our menu offers a gastronomical journey through Mediterranean cuisine with a strong local, homemade Italian influence, featuring fresh salads and vegetables, pulses, fruits, chicken, fish, herbs, and olive oil.