Duotone Pro Center Sicily is located at one of the world's premier kitesurf training grounds - the Lo Stagnone lagoon. Its shallow, flat waters and consistent sideshore winds provide perfect conditions for learning to kitesurf, refining techniques, and mastering new freestyle tricks. We welcome all skill levels: complete beginners eager to discover kiteboarding, intermediate riders looking to boost their confidence, and advanced practitioners aiming to perfect their dream tricks.

Our team of certified, experienced kite instructors is committed to elevating your skills in a supportive and fun learning environment. Students particularly appreciate our instructors' friendliness, humor, and patience. We provide top-quality Duotone Kiteboarding gear, giving you access to the latest kites and boards. Beyond our kite school, the area offers a variety of kitesurfing spots, including both flat water and waves, just minutes away. We're excited to introduce you to our favorite spots!


Professional tuition only

  • IKO-certified, multi-lingual and professional kitesurf instructors
  • Tuition languages: Italian, English, German, Spanish and French
  • Kitesurf courses, supervision and camps
  • Waterproof intercom tools for easy communication on the water

high-quality gear

  • The latest Duotone kitesurfing gear for all levels and weights
  • ION accessories incl. shoes, helmets, life vests and wetsuits

Safety first

  • Real-time radio support while practicing on the water
  • All instructors are qualified in First Aid
  • Personalized lessons based on the student's level
  • Flat and shallow water


BEGINNER Kite lesson

If you've never tried kitesurfing before, our beginner kite class is the perfect choice for you. Learn to fly a full-size kite with complete control, relaunch it from the water, build confidence through downwind/upwind body dragging, take your first board rides, and perform a self-rescue. Our kitesurfing lessons are taught by IKO-certified instructors who place a strong emphasis on your safety throughout the course. In addition to professional coaching, we provide you with the latest kitesurfing equipment from Duotone.


Level: beginner 

Requirement: swimming abilities

Duration: 1,5 - 2 hours per lesson

Group ratio: one-on-one coaching or 2 students per instructor 

Full course: 6h beginner course to become a kitesurfer in no time

Equipment: Duotone kitesurf gear included


Progress Kite Lesson

Our Progress kitesurfing course is the ideal solution for riders aiming to become truly independent. If you're familiar with the basics but want to swiftly improve your ability to sail upwind, extend your rides through proper stance, edging, and kite placement, enhance transitions like tacking and jibing, attempt jumps, or master kiting in low, medium, and strong winds, this lesson is tailored for you. It's also perfect for those who haven't kitesurfed recently and are seeking a safe way to re-enter the sport.


Level: intermediate 

Duration: 1,5 - 2 hours per lesson

Group ratio: one-on-one coaching or 2 students per instructor 

Full course: 6h progress course designed to enhance your kite skills and achieve full independence

Equipment: Duotone kitesurf gear included


Master Kite lesson

This program is tailored for kitesurfers eager to push their limits. In the Master kite class, we teach big air, single/multiple forward and backward rotations, kite loops, power jumps, and radical hooked/unhooked tricks. It's also the ideal choice for those looking to gain expertise in riding strapless directional boards. All training is conducted in the most professional and safest manner.


Level: advanced 

Duration: 1,5 - 2 hours per lesson

Group ratio: one-on-one coaching or 2 students per instructor

Full course: 6h master class to become a total pro

Equipment: Duotone kitesurf gear included